Frost understands that there are many different applications for fire protection, that is why we carry a wide variety of products which can help in the prevention of the dispersion of smoke, fumes and the spread of fire through openings of any size and configuration including, but not limited to, walls, floors and construction joints. These include intumescent, heat expanding and self-leveling sealants, fire barrier silicones, foam, composite sheets, collars and pillows.

Fire Barrier Sealants (3M)

1000 NS Water Tight Sealant

1003 SL Water Tight Sealant

3000 WT Water Tight Sealant

Firedam 150

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615 (3M)

Interarm Endothermic Mat

Interarm Endothermic Mat (3M)

Nuco Firestop

Nuco is another preferred supplier for firestopping for the following products:

GG-200 Non-Sag Silicone Firestop

SL100 Self Leveling Silicone Firestop

GG-266 Intumescent Silicone Firestop

Frost also carries a wide variety of other types of 3M firestopping products including sheets, mortar, PPD and pillow.